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Herny David Hwang - Writer of Bondage Directed by Esquire Jauchem


BONDAGE - Director, short-film based on award-winning playwright, David Henry Hwang’s play of the same name. A provocative and epigrammatic tale of psychological and sexual warfare at it's most decadent.  It deals with issues of race and racial stereotypes set against the backdrop of the B&D, S&M and fetish culture.


Paige Davis - Staring in Bondage Directed by Esquire Jauchem

Ryun Yu - Staring in Bondage Directed by Esquire Jauchem

Henry David Hwang

Paige Davis

Ryun Yu


Bondage Directed by Esquire JauchemSynopsis: In a Los Angeles sadomasochistic parlor, dominatrix, Terri (Paige Davis), and her client, Mark (Ryun Yu), are clad head to toe in leather costumes concealing their faces and ethnicities. These elaborate disguises allow them to play out fantasies based on racial stereotypes and sexual mythologies.  She becomes an African-American woman to his white liberal man. Exchanging biting social observations laced with stinging humor, they progress through their power games, exposing the arbitrariness of racial mythology. All the while, however, haunted by a growing awareness that beneath their own masks, despite their best efforts, they may be moving to the most terrifying reality of all – true intimacy transcending racial boundaries.


Bondage: The Motion Picture
- Directed by Esquire Juachem based on the play by David Henry Hwang.
"[David Henry Hwang] the author of M. BUTTERFLY proves to be a wry observer of contemporary mores."

" intriguing piece of writing by one of the most intelligent and original new voices in the American theatre."

          Official Selections:

Los Angeles Cinefest • Miami Independent Film Festival • Orlando Urban Film Festival
Switzerland Indie Film Festival • Access Code Short Film Festival • Lake Charles Film & Music Festival
Broken Knuckle Film Festival • Strange Film Awards • Underground Film Fest • Boston Atlas Awards
Blow-Up International Arthouse Film Fest, Chicago • Srinagar International Short Film Festival, Kashmir
Garden City International Film Festival, Bangalore, India
  London International Filmmaker Festival
Nomination: Best Short Film
London International Filmmaker Festival
Nomination: Talented New Director
  Milan International Filmmaker Festival
Nomination: Best Short Film
Milan International Filmmaker Festival
Nomination: Best Director
  Berlin International Filmmaker Festival
Nomination: Best Short Film


Nutcracker: The Motion Picture - Esquire Jauchem Director of Visual Effects NUTCRACKER: THE MOTION PICTURE - Director of Visual/Special Effects.  Film adaptation of the fairytale and ballet. Produced by Pacific Northwest Ballet in associates with Hyperion Pictures and Kushner/Locke.


DOWN BY THE RIVER (Pre-production) - Director, feature film slated to start shooting 2013 starring David Morse, based on a Pulitzer nominated play by William Curtis.






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