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CARNEVALE! VENICE BEACH 2002-2010 - Producer, Costumed Street Festival on the streets of Venice, California. A historically inspired event presents for the first time since World War II.


"Don't miss the fun and excitement... will lift your spirits,
bring a smile to your face and laughter to your heart."  ̶  EXAMINER.COM

"Summer celebrates the outdoors with Venice Beach Carnevale...
musical and dance performances plus lively costumed participants
highlight the soul of Venice."  ̶  WIKITRAVEL


BURNING MAN FESTIVAL 1999-2009 - Producer and Designer, The Bubble Lounge. Chosen from hundreds of Theme Camp entries to be featured in the Center Camp area.


AMERICAN SOVIET FESTIVAL - Producing Director, 80 Performances over three weeks in Boston featuring both the Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera in joint U.S. Productions. Staff of 300 Soviet and 400 American artists and technicians.




Madonna On Tour

Les Miserables

Bolshoi Ballet

Phantom of
the Opera

Bolshoi Opera

Miss Saigon

Dali Lama



THE BIG APPLE CIRCUS - Managing Director, One ring tent circus on its first tour including performances at the Lincoln Center Plaza.



HARMONIA MUNDI - Production Designer/Production Manager, featuring the Dalai Lama on the night he won the Nobel Peace Prize. 5,000 seat arena, Ali Ahkbar Khan, The Pokrovsky Ensemble (Moscow), David Hykes Harmonic Choir and others.


FLASH! A MAGICAL, MYSTICAL ADVENTURE - Producer, Director, Designer, Casino Dance and Magic Production show. Silversmith Casino and Gold River Casino.


"It takes the audience to a strange land encompassing bits of the Wizard of Oz, the Mad Tea Party,
Indiana Jones' Temple of Doom, Torquemada's Backyard, Cirque du Soliel and the inner workings of a video
arcade game… all laced with splashes of Las Vegas style theatrical magic."  ̶  THE ENTERTAINER


LES BALLETS TROCKADERO DE MONTE CARLO - Lighting Design and Technical Director, Tour of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) including Moscow, Novosibirsk, Vilnius (Lithuania) and St. Petersburg; Tour of Japan (ZAK Company), 44 performances throughout Japan, including the capital, Tokyo, over two seasons.


SAFARI TO TREASURE - Director/Designer, Fully Staged ARCO AM/PM Advertising Roll-out, Kresser-Craig/DIK, Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas.  The only industrial show ever staged in the 50 million dollar Seigfried & Roy showroom in Las Vegas.


JAUCHEM & MEEH SPECIAL EFFECTS - Co-Founder with Gregory Meeh, involved in major national and international productions including Madonna On Tour, Phantom of the Opera, The Photographer by Philip Glass, The Gospel At Colonus, Les Miserables, Nabucco (Miami and NYC Opera), Into The Woods, Miss Saigon, La Donna Del Lago (Houston Opera), Der Freischutz (NYC Opera), Crazy For You, Tommy and Lucinda Childs' and Robert Wilson's Relative Calm.





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